Fast charging cables are one of the few mobile accessories that are important to have on hand regardless of the gadgets you use. While your new phones, laptops, and tablets would usually come equipped with rapid charging technology, the charging cables most manufacturers attach to their devices are usually shielded with a thin layer of rubber, which can typically fray around the connectors after a few months of regular use. It can be bothersome to realize this when you’re at home but may be a more significant issue trying to charge your devices with an external battery pack while on the road.

To make sure your devices are always fully charged and ready to go, you’re going to want to upgrade from the low-quality charging cables your device came with – (that’s if it came with one) to a durable, high-quality fast charging cable.

Getting the knowledge and identifying the best fast-charging cable comes with a number of varieties such as cord thickness and amperage, but before we delve into the tips, it is important to note that fast-charging cables work best by attaching them to a Qualcomm-designed fast-charging power brick with at least a 20W Output to provide maximum charge.

Charging Speed: This is a major way to know a good durable fast charging cable. The three main components to look out for are Amperage, Voltage, and Watts. The standard wires in a regular USB cable can supply about 0.5A  of current while fast-charging cables are much more capable of carrying larger currents from a minimum of 2A or more. For voltage, regular USB cables send around 2.5V of current, while fast charging cables deliver 5V, 9V, and 12V voltage (depending on your phone model and cable brand). To identify Watts, simply multiply the amperage by the voltage.

Thicker Nylon Cable: Another major identifier of a good fast-charging cable is its thickness, though it is usually believed that thicker cables charge much faster than their predecessor (Slim Cable) This can be true to an extent, but it is not always a reliable option to know a fast charging cable. Nonetheless avoiding slim and fragile USB cables would knock off the odds while looking for a good fast cable.

Product Specifications / Description: It is important to check the cable branding, label, and description to ensure that you are purchasing the right fast-charging cable for your device.

Gauge: When purchasing a fast cable look for a 24 gauge USB cable, This type of cable charges your device much faster than your regular cable. These kinds of cables are customarily supplied when purchasing a new Flagship device.

Purchasing from Certified Stores (GaraMart): To save you the hassle of identifying and differentiating a regular cable from a fast-charging cable, buying from a certified store is an added advantage. GaraMart specializes in the latest technology of mobile phone accessories, which include fast charging cables; Smart 20W PD Cable for iPhone, Smart 60W Type-C to Type -C cable for android phones & Tablets, and Smart 100W PD to PDcable for android devices, Tablets, & Laptops.

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