Automatic Wine Dispenser

Product Features

UNIQUE Integration of Dispensing and Aerating System
Single-Touch and Hassle-Free Operation
Universal Compatibility for Convenience
Self-Cleaning Ensuring Easy Maintenance
Lightweight and Portable for Most Occasions
Suitable for a gift


Automatic Wine Dispenser

The Automatic Wine Dispenser is the perfect solution to your wine-dispensing needs. It’s easy to use, self-cleaning and comes with two glasses.

The Automatic Wine Dispenser is simple: just insert a bottle of wine into its mouth, and wait for it to fill up with delicious wine. This dispenser will automatically stop when the bottle is empty and rinse itself out before starting again. You can even use it as an electric opener!
It’s perfect for parties or just yourself. So you can set it up anywhere and never have to worry about getting up from your couch ever again.

Product Features:
Unique Integration of Dispensing and Aerating System: This auto wine diffuser features an Ingenious oxygenator. The pourer finishes first breathing by infusing the bottle with air, then optional full aeration is completed by the oxygenating switch, which reveals the true flavors and aromas of your wine.Single-Touch and Hassle-Free Operation: Press and hold the button on top, and you will get 6x more surface area oxidation and a delicious, flavorful taste. The automated bottle breather with a Non-spill and Non-splash spout pours 1.2 oz every 2 sec, ensuring the optimum taste almost immediately.
Universal Compatibility for Convenience: This wine accessory features a flexible silicone seal, suitable to pair with most diameter of bottles because it is easily attached or detached to fit more bottle types. The 11.8 in food-grade silicone straw facilitates adequate length for adapting variable bottle heights.
Self-Cleaning Ensuring Easy Maintenance: This electronic wine gadget applies infusing system to pour wine out, which can leave sediment behind causing NO residual stay inside of the machine. Rinse the quick aerating combo by dispensing 3 bottles of water.
Lightweight and Portable for Most Occasions: This pocket wine tap machine is lightweight and small-size for effortless carrying. Able to serve 30 bottles (750 ml) of red/white wine with new batteries. Ideal wine accessory for home use, party, picnic, and celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, and housewarming.
Suitable for a gift.



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  • Integrate wine dispensing and instant aerating in one product
  • Dispense wine smoothly by simply pressing the button
  • Apply Bernoulli principle to achieve instant and efficient wine aeration
  • Designed  with switch valve for aeration control
  • Capable of dispensing over 30 bottles of wine with 4 new AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Suit for most types of bottles.
  • Made with food-grade materials.
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