Smart Series Charger Cable for iPhone (5V, 2A, 2M)

Smart Charging Cable for iPhone 2M
Apple original technology
Reinforced port design
2A current
Perfect compatibility
Length: 2M
Available Colour: White


Smart Series Charger Cable for iPhone (5V, 2A, 2Meters)

DEVIA Smart Series Charger Cable for iPhone and is compatible with iPod, iPad, iPhone 7, 8, & 10, and other devices equipped with an 8-pin socket interface. This Universal Devia Smart iPhone charger is for connecting smartphones to a charge or computer. With High charging efficiency 2A current and an Intelligent charging technology that disconnect itself once fully charged to avoid overcharging, as well as High speed data transmission.
Tested and trusted to meet the world standard . It is perfect as a spare or replacement for your existing smart phone and devices. Superior quality enhances longevity and prevents overcharging, durable, an investment more than a purchase , Use for as long as you want and there will be no sign of damage or change in performance,

Product Features:
Brand : Devia
High strength nylon, pure copper inner core
iPhone cable 2.1A Lightning cable
Suitable for charging and data transmission
Output current: 5V-2.1A
Length: 2 meters
Colors: black, white, blue, pink
Available in: Lighting Charger-for iPhone, Type C & Micro USB
Product Line: Phone Accessories
Weight (kg): 0.05
Perfect Compatibility
Apple Original Technology
Reinforced Port Design
Strength: Durable/Long Lasting

Here are some other benefits our customers have been raving about:
-Durable and long lasting
-High strength nylon
-Pure copper inner core
Plus, it has a fast charging speed of 2.1A, so  you can actually charge your devices quickly and easily.
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Enjoy your shopping experience!

  • 2.1A Strong Current: High charging efficiency, high-speed transmission
  • Secure Use: High precision components identify circuit intelligently.
  • Stable output voltage.
  • Reinforced Port Design: Anti-debonding & anti-off line, wear well