Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand

Desktop Tablet Phone Stand

This is a desktop tablet phone stand that can realize angle adjustment, height adjustment, folding, and storage.


Available Colors: Black | White


Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand

The Devia Desktop Tablet/Phone Stand is a premium adjustable holder ideal for the bedside table, office or the kitchen area. It raises your phone or tablet to the perfect height and angle for optimum viewing. Featuring an anti-slip silicone pad and sturdy base your device is held securely and without any shaking.

Small and compact, this smartphone holder will easily find its place on your desk.

This Desktop Table/Phone Stand is a one piece bracket – Don’t need to install just open and use. Designed for easy folding and storage. Solid thickened solid base – with guarantee that it will not shake because it is made from anti-skid silicone, alloy support rod, ABS material shell, alloy pad material and anti-skid mat

Product Features

  • One-piece bracket design – lightweight yet sturdy
  • Suitable for phones & tablets up to 11-inch
  • Foldable design – easy to carry & travel with
  • Stable base ensures no shaking
  • Anti-slip silicone pad on holder
  • Ideal for recording or watching videos & reading at comfortable angles
  • It can hold 8 pound device. Double fold, fold after use, make the volume smaller and high stability, you can put it in you handbag, take to anywhere.
  • Fully Protective Silicone Pad: Phone Dock features fully covered anti-skid silicone pad which can maximum protect your device from any scratches and slide.
  • Hands-Free:  The desktop tablet/mobile phone stand looks very stylish, supports hands-free. It’s ideal for watching video, reading and studying, playing games, making video phone calls and video conferences, using
  • Facetime and watching YouTube. It is a great desk accessory for your office and home.
  • Powerful Compatibility: Universal phone and tablet stand compatible with devices like smartphones and tablet. If your device with a case, please make sure the thickness of your device is no more than 0.8in
  • This premium portable phone stand can help you use your phone more effectively and comfortably; its a very pretty gadget to gift yourself and/or your loved ones. It gives you more hands to use your pc or do something else while still using your phone.
  • Great for freelancing, multi-tasking, office use, watching movies, livestreaming, video call, and diy videos.
    Very durable, sturdy, flexible, and classy.

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Storage size: 110mm x 65mm x 25mm
  • Extend height: 160mm
  • Colour: black or white


Enjoy your shopping experience!

  • One-piece bracket, doesn’t need to install and is easy to use.
  • Small and compact, folding and storage design, easy to carry.
  • Solid thickened base, stable and not shaking
  • Anti-skid silicone pad design, effectively anti-skid and anti-scratch
  • Compatible with mobile phones and tablets, with the maximum support for 11 inch tablets
  • Adjustable from multiple angles (with telescope rod) to unlock the most comfortable viewing angle
  • Doesn’t need clips
  • Groove design; do not block the screen when watching TV series, reserve the charging port and never lose power while charging.